In this digital generation, people rely too much on security gadgets such as CCTV. Looking under the skirts of every citizen, surveillance cameras have been regarded as a big business and a large leap towards security. CCTV or closed circuit television has been regarded a necessity by consumers in the market today.

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However, this great leap just goes to show how our actions are being monitored closely for the sake of safety yet, have we gone overboard by relying too much on technology?

Evolution of security

Humanity has long regarded life under the premise that only the strongest will survive and the weakest will cease to exist. Overtime, people developed various techniques and systems for safety and security from different threats.

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In ancient times, our ancestors turned toward fire, weapons, and tribes to ward off predators and unwanted groups. Not long after, people saw the reliability of nature and location for security. High places, seas, and caves became barriers for colonizers and terrorists alike. Moreover, humans learned to build and hold their own forts, one of them were the Great Wall of China which dated back to the Qin dynasty protecting China from Northern attacks. In Europe on the other hand, built castles filled with security systems including walls, ditches, gates, moats, drawbridges, watch towers, and iron doors. They even went as far as traps and knights for added security measures. About 4,000 years ago, the first locks were created which was found in the ancient ruins of Iraq. In 1778, the locks were greatly improved for greater security.

After knights, detectives came to the scene in the 19th century for further law enforcement and security operation. Within this century, new inventions have surfaced including telegraphs among other electrical devices. Before these, the very first alarm security systems was patented by Augustus Pope in 1853 composed of electromagnetic contacts installed on doors and windows directed to bells. After Pope, Edwin Holmes bought this intelligence and developed the first central burglar alarm service in 1858 with the addition of fire alarm systems in the 1870s.

With this extensive security history, modern technology has made an extensive progress over time especially with the rise of modern technology. Our instincts have pushed humanity to invent technology such as CCTV camera systems, surveillance cameras, iris scanners, lasers, among others which are for the sole purpose of safeguarding lives and increasing residential security at par with the rising rate of crime and violence.

Advantages and Disadvantages of security systems

Built upon security, wireless surveillance cameras have proven numerous benefits but have crossed the borders of privacy. Like every other product, security systems have advantages and yet people will always have some disadvantages to say.

Advantages of the CCTV camera system

CCTV cameras offer residential, business, and condominium security a heightened surveillance and giving the people peace of mind. Here are some of the benefits of surveillance cameras for your business or home.

1.    Protection

Installing a CCTV camera system along with an alarm system in your condominium gives you security and a good night’s sleep without having to worry about thieves. These systems are built to ensure that even you are away your assets and belongings will be safe in your home. Technology has even gone as far as linking the home security systems into mobile phones to ensure a greater depth of security.

2.    Tangible evidence

CCTV cameras provide video and audio footage of your property. More than capturing burglars, footages may even serve as evidence in certain cases. For some even, footages could make a solid proof of a criminals whereabouts during a time of a murder which may prove a criminal’s guilt or innocence.

3.    Ward off thieves and burglars

Some business owners see that installing security cameras are a deterrent to thieves which stops the occurrence of a crime as it scares them away. Knowing that their crime will be captured on film stops them from committing a crime beforehand. Condo house security also sees CCTV cameras as a necessity because this alerts the guards in cases of any attack.

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4.    Best aid for alarm systems

Through combining the power of the CCTV with a home alarm system, you will be able to get the best home or business security there is. Having a camera installed gives you the footage of the crime and having an alarm system notifies you that the crime is being committed.

Disadvantages of the CCTV camera system

No one is perfect and so does every surveillance camera, be it a wireless camera system or not.

1.    Security Complacency

Too much dependence on technology could lose an owner’s guard. Some owners rely too much on CCTV that they forget that burglars will always find new ways of getting into a business’ pants. They could even easily hide their faces and still get the burglary job done making the footage or any alarm system worthless.

2.    Not a stopper, just mere proof

Since surveillance cameras only record videos and audios, these could be evidence but cannot actually stop an on-going robbery. They cannot become robot cops and arrest the burglar, so it would be advisable to still get the services of humans which serve to act in these cases.

3.    Cost

Like most technology, CCTV cameras come at a cost. There are cheap ones but to have the total security, you have to buy the necessary additional systems. As such, not all household could afford this type of residential security.

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Security Measures for your household

Depending on your asset, you should have different security measures to take to ensure its protection. For business and residential security, it requires a certain safety measures to keep thieves from getting inside your beloved property. It should be noted that even if you are living within a village or even in a condominium, one can never be too sure about the people within the area. As such, here are some tips to keep your home safe.

1. Perform surprise checks for your home

Having a routine check gives burglars a schedule to follow. On the other hand, surprise checks keep burglars confused as to whether you will be home or not. Especially for properties like townhouses, it is important to have regular checks in order to monitor your property.

2. Install timed lights

Timed lights and motion detector lights are excellent alarm systems which wards off burglars. If there’s anything scarier than knowing the owner around, that would be getting the spotlight when committing a crime.

3. Keep a working lock system around the house

Locks will always be around to keep your home safe. Check and double check your locks before leaving the house all the time and if possible, keep double locks. These double locks will not only serve as added protection to your home, it will also keep the burglar busy picking out locks thus increasing his chances of getting caught. Even if you’re living in a condominium already built with condominium security, having double locks will not harm you yet increases your security instead.

4. Clear out doorways and windows

Trees and plants add great aesthetics to one’s home. However, if it covers your windows and doors from the view of the public, then it is an excellent hideout for thieves. See to it that they are trimmed and that you have neighbors to watch out for your home when you are gone.

5. Store all valuables away from windows

Keep valuable away from easy to reach places like the windows. This gives them an easier job other than having a hard time searching for valuables, putting your assets near windows and doors is simply handing them the valuables.

6. Do not leave spare keys around the house

Like the tip previously stated, it is not wise to leave valuables for people to find. Though it may take them a hard time finding the keys, leaving it inside the house is already a 50-50 chance of being robbed. If you are forgetful however, then don’t be.

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7. Install a home alarm system

Finally, install your CCTV camera system along with the rest of the home alarm system. Since condominium security is already employing this tip and you are living in one, then there’s no need to worry. All you have to do and know is if it actually works.

Protecting one’s assets including one’s life is a crucial matter. As such, relying on technology or installing a surveillance camera for home protection is not a bad thing. However, being too reliant exposes you to become complacent and letting you defenses down. With this, you should still employ security measures along with installing that CCTV and home alarm system to keep your house a home.

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