To catch a burglar, you need to think like a burglar. Sometimes mere alarms and home security is not enough to make your house the safest from burglary. There are times when burglars adapt to your security system and use it to their advantage.

Burglars Are Experts

You should remember that they are what they do because they are good at it. Burglary is not an easy profession. Think about the risk involved and the illegality of it. Who in their right mind would want to be a burglar? It takes something that makes them choose that infamous profession.

According to a study by Claire Nee and Amy Meenaghan in the British Journal of Criminology, burglars’ thought processes works like that of an expert when doing their job. Their actions are automatic and instinctive. The study also uncovers that many burglars search the master’s bedroom first then the kitchen. Most burglars are also keen on profiling their targets. They know which home has money. Also, the familiarity of most homes’ internal layout even helps the burglars do their work.

Not Alarmed Anymore About Alarms

Burglars are already aware of home security systems and most of them adjust to that and learn how to bypass it. There had been reports when burglars only cut the phone lines  to disable the alarm system in place.

In cases where an alarm is being sounded and police being called, usually burglars escape by quickening their job then going away. As said earlier, burglars most likely know the detail of the house and they know when and where to escape.

No Pets Allowed; Burglars — Yes

Most people consider having dogs as an alternative for a security system. But for the burglars, this would only mean that the owner of the house most likely doesn’t have a home security system set up in the house. The downside to having animals as the sole source of a security system is that they could be tricked by the burglars. Remember, it is best to assume that burglars are equipped with things to counter what you have set up for them.

It is always best to assume that the thing you are trying to capture or defeat is as well prepared as you are. This thinking will enable you to be fully prepared for them and to open up countless ideas on how to topple them. Burglars are also evolving along with the technology of protecting our properties against them, and it is best to be ready and be equipped.

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